Legal entity. Partner in a partnership. Member of a company

We shall advise you and execute for you the required documents relating to:

  • Initial incorporation of a partnership/company and acquisition of participation in a set up partnership/company with monetary or non-monetary contribution.
  • Changes in representation and other circumstances entered into the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency.
  • Increase or decrease of capital.
  • Termination of participation.
  • Announcement of acts in the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency.
  • Holding of general meetings of the governing bodies of the partnership/company.
  • Conducting procedures of dissolution and winding-up.
  • Transformation of a company by consolidation, merger, division, separation, change of the legal form and transferring of the property to the sole owner.
  • Incorporation of a consortium/holding.
  • Issues for the taxation of legal entities, including the transformation of companies.
  • Preconditions for initiating of bankruptcy proceedings or adjudgement company bankrupt.

In case a permission or license for performance of your business activity is required, we shall execute for you all necessary documents and we shall assist you in the conduct of the procedure before the competent authorities.

Your partnership/company shall receive from us the necessary legal and financial services related to their entire activity which include both the above and fully assistance in negotiations for conclusion and termination of commercial contracts, acquisition and/or transfer of assets, employee/workers relationships, consultations on tax legislation.